Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Hi!" I'm Deborah.

I'm one of the new ladies on the block. A late bloomer to the fashion blog scene, but trust me I'm no novice to this world. I've been passionate about fashion & style from the age of 2 when I made a dash attempt to polish my nails and beautifully added red dots to a solid colored chenille bedspread! A few years later I knocked over my mother's Shalimar perfume by pressing my nose too close to the bottle simply because it smelled so good. I knew then I was a "girlie girl." Later I learned to trust my instincts, embrace my creative side, and put together an interesting look...all with good taste of course!

Growing up, my mother was probably my biggest influence. She favored black clothing. Jewelry was also a must have and she always looked good. I soon realized that it's not necessarily what you buy, but how you pull it together and make it work for you. Basic classic pieces are a good beginning, but adding the unexpected can transform your look in an instant. I call it the "STYLE factor" or a spectrum of "CHIC." Unique style can be intoxicating and it is not monopolized
exclusively by the rich and famous. One just needs a little inspiration!

Looking fashionably stylish requires a thoughtful knowledge of what works for
you, learning how to mix your wardrobe and most of all.... buying a good mirror and actually use it!

So that's it for now. I'm very excited about this blog and I hope you will find it to be fun and helpful.

- D.