Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thread that Needle

I'm not a seamstress, by any stretch of the imagination!  However my mother taught me to never be afraid to thread a needle and use it if necessary.  She instructed me on how to shorten or lengthen a hem, repair loose stitches, alter pants, or restruct a garment.  I've made throw pillows, shortened trousers for the guys, created Halloween costumes, replaced buttons, and sewn many things that proved I was a good student.

Point being, it's not a waste to learn how to stitch!  You can actually save money by doing things yourself. Also you can have fun perfecting things you'd like to buy or keep, just by making minor alterations.

Recently, on a thrifting excursion, I purchased a vintage blouse designed by "Castleberry".  I paid exactly $1.00 .  I was drawn to it, because of it's classic style.  However it was too large, and I didn't care for the sleeves, so I decided to slightly change it's look.

Take a look:

A vintage Castleberry Blouse with knit waist band

Castleberry blouse in it's original style
A slightly different look - Sleeves cut off and rolled up, altered each side and  sleeves for better fit - Gold chain belt, vintage

With collar opened - Gold necklace H&M, Earrings KJL, Saks Fifth Avenue
Not bad for a $1.00
If you find a good buy that you like, but it's not perfect.....remember Mr.Gunn's quote on "Project Runway"  "Make it Work".


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot Summer Sales!

Our summer season has arrived, but Fall fashion is the buzz in the stores! This is a good thing for the fashion obsessed....let the summer sales begin!

If you've contemplated buying a few summer chic clothes, but have played the waiting game, it's time to shop 'til you drop. Sales are everywhere! Hot fashion spots are happy to rid their merchandise to make room for the next season.  Now is a great time to shop your style, grab a few trends, and embrace summer chic!

I've got my eye on these:

So what are you waiting for!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Boho Chic

Summer weather has arrived!  Boho style has always been a hot seasonal trend for summer chic.  Your shop destination should include seeking items that you can artfully mix.  Try a wardrobe combination of modern & vintage styles, bold prints, bright color palettes and eclectic accessories.  Allow your creative spirit to emerge!

To pull off this look you must be willing to create a comfortable, but stand out look.  A few items of boho mixing are:

Fluid or flowy tops /shirts
Bold patterns / small prints
Vivid colored florals
Tunics with long or short skirts
Fringed accessories and jackets
Short boots with long dresses, tall boots with mini-sirts
Printed maxi dresses and jean jackets
Layers of chunky jewelry and big hoops
Tye-Dyed or ombr'e items
Animal prints

Vivid examples of a few awesome looks:

It's about shopping your closet, adding a few pieces and having bohemian fun!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspiration Translation: Glam with a Twist

My daughter recently posted one of her admired looks, where she translated a style from a magazine, by wearing clothes from her closet.  Taking her lead, and using her as my muse, I had fun re-creating one of the coolest and most sophisticated looks from a recent Lacoste ad campaign.

Lacoste Ad
  Paillette Dress (Flat Sequins) - St. John Evening,  Polo tee - Target

St. John Evening Dress under the tee is embellished Paillette 

Classic Black Patent Slingback  

Sonya is all smiles in her Mom's Dress!

(First image courtesy of Lacoste)

I've always loved the style of "evening wear meets day wear chic" (think Sharon Stone wearing a Gap tee and evening skirt for the Oscar's), but sometimes getting dressed for an evening affair can be challenging.  I believe, if you can pull off a look that celebrates high glamor as well as effortless chic, it can be the perfect antidote for the boring conventional outfit.  So try to create a fun and fresh mashup of formal and casual.  You'll find yourself ahead of the fashion game!

- D.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Power of Black and White

It appears that nothing represents the Art Deco inspiration like graphic black and white.  When in doubt of what to wear, never fear.... black or white will make a statement.   However the innocence of white combined with the commanding attention of black, delivers a form of pure chic.  Regardless of whether it's a day or evening look, this combination is often all it takes to put the focus on you.

Another true test of black and white, is that it looks great with gold, silver, and any accessory color you choose.   Clean lines look cleaner, and the vibe is often classic, chic, and cool.  I always say, if you're in a hurry to dress quickly, to run an errand.... just throw on a pair of black slacks, and a perfect white tee.  If its winter, of course add a great coat, if it's warm, throw on a chic scarf or shawl and keep it moving! Instant chic!

What's your favorite Black and White fashion statement?  Here's a few I'd like to share:

Casual Chic - Jacket - Willie Smith,  Skirt - Adrienne Vittadini

Sport Chic - Jacket - Macy's, Shirt - Jones New York Signature, Sunglasses  - Karl Lagerfield
Shoes - White Mountain ( Gift from Son & Daughter in-law)
Nautical look - Top - American Living - Pants - Worthington  ( J.C. Penney;s) Sunglasses - Forever 21
Shoes Vintage - Rachel's Place

Contemporary look - Shirt - Elie Tahari, Balloon Pant - Issey  Miyake, Shoes - Nine West,  Necklace - Nordstrom  

Dinner Party Chic - Lace Sweater  - Saks Fifth Avenue, Lace Gloves - J.L. Hudson's, Camillia  Flower- Chanel,  White  Tank  - Macys', Skirt  -  Loehmann's, Earrings -  Gift (Husband), Shoes- Poetic Licence - Nordstrum

This sweater is considered Vintage!  I purchased  @ Sak's in  91'
I love my earrings!  

Black & White Boho  Chic - Poncho - Adrienne Vittadini , Leggings - Loehmann's, Necklace - Chicago, Il.
Shoes - Anne Klein 
Leisure Sport - Black Top - Jil Sander, Vest - Liz Sport,  Leggings - Express
Black & White Floral Sandals - Nine West

 Black & White for any occasion!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot Red Lips

There is nothing more classic or sexy than crimson lips!  Of course there are many lipstick colors....but red lips seem to make the most ultimate statement, by brightening the face and adding beauty to the "pout."   Movie stars of yesterday weren't the only women who understood the power of its seduction!

Dorothy Dandridge as the ultimate bad girl in "Carmen Jones"
Beautiful songstress Lena Horne
The original Cat Woman, Earth Kitt!

They were beautiful women with classic red lips!

The next time you visit a make-up counter, take a little time for yourself and experiment, I'm sure there is a beautiful shade of red just waiting to be worn by you!   Remember it's classy, feisty, romantic, and pretty.

Beautiful lip colors from various beauty lines:

M.A.C. Lipstick in "Ruby Woo"

Christian Dior in "Celebrity Red"
L'Oreal Color Riche in "True Red"
Chanel Rouge Allure in "Passion"

Rimmel in "Diva Red"

These are all beautiful shades of Red....I wear Chanel Rouge Allure in "Paris", I don't leave home without it!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inspiration Translation - Pencil Skirt and Polka Dots

A few days ago I came across this look and I knew immediately that I would want to recreate it.

I've always been a fan of vintage clothing and this look reminds me of a classic film actress.  From the red lipstick and pearls to the basic black pencil skirt and structured handbag, this represents a look that is retro, yet timeless. 

By pulling items from my closet, I was able to create a similar look.

Pearls, Gifts from Mom : Earrings, Nordstroms Rack : Shirt, Macy's : Scarf, Thrifted : Skirt, Nordstroms : Belt, Macy's

Handbag, Rachel's Place : Hosiery, Nordstroms Rack : Shoes, Nine West

Now before you assume that I have a closet that rivals Mariah Carey's in size, I have a confession to make. Recreating a look on a budget can be tricky and often requires some improvisation. In this case, I do happen to own most of the pieces that the model is wearing (basic career wardrobe staples for many women) and I substituted her white blazer with a white shirt.  The only thing I don't own is a polka dot blouse, however I did find the polka dot scarf featured here at a local thrift store for $3.

A little creative tuck and fold was all I needed to duplicate the look!

So if you're like me...low on cash, but frequently bored with your wardrobe, look around for inspiration. The possibilities are endless and you may find that your next great outfit is already sitting right in your closet.

- S.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Eclectic Scarf

I was browsing the mall (Somerset Collection) recently and noticed so many women wearing really chic scarfs.  Some were large shawl types, squares, or rectangular with vibrant colors wrapped at the neck, and a few were tied around the waist.  I also noticed how understated their clothes were before the scarfs were added.  This further illustrates my belief that accessories are the key!  Clothes can often have sticker shock, however a beautiful scarf will actually earn its keep.  Even the most minimalistic wardrobe can be blended  with a wild color or gorgeous print to inspire both classic and street chic.  For instance, put on a black top, matched with black or white slacks (or skirt) then grab the most beautiful scarf you own and add it according to your personal style....then wait for the compliments!

A few scarfs collected:

Emilio Pucci, gift from daughter 
Black Chiffon Scarf with pearls attached - Loehmann's
Green polka dot -  SunshineThrift
Anne Klein 
H & M
Gold Shimmer - Macy's

Blue denim color with sequins - Loehmann's
Back of Scarf
Turquoise Pashmina - JC Penney's
Leopard Print - JC Penney's
Hermes (Paris) - Neiman Marcus (Xmas Gift from Husband)
The name of scarf is "Cre'sor Royal du Be'nin
You can't leave out the orange box!
Sonya's Hermes (Paris) Scarf, gift from her Mom & Grandma Daisy!
The name of scarf is "Caraibes" (She loves it!)
A scarf can also mask a bad hair day! (Yellow & Black - Neiman Marcus)
The perfect Grey Shawl - Xmas gift from my Step-Daughters

Always remember wear a scarf the way it suits you!