Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm back in time for Summer!

Hi fashionista's, I hope you've missed me, I've been a little busy however Summer is here, and Chic prevails!  I've noticed lately, the heat has been turned up with the color blocking trend.  Not to mention shoes and accessories.  A seasonal shift to red hots, green envy, orange crush, nautical blues, and pretty pinks all mixed for high impact. 

Let's take a look:





Sonys's new purse....a birthday gift!

Sonya's hot shoes...high impact hue!


My sister's shoes, I picked them out for her @ Regeneration - Royal Oak 

 All of these shoes have a no holds barred approach!  Pair a sold color with them and your adventure begins.  For the classicist approach....try a black or white top with the color blocked skirt. Trust me you will stand out! 

One thing is for sure....Sonya is not afraid to advance color to mainstream!

Pretty in vintage, dress - Rachel's Place - Detroit

I love it! - D