Sunday, August 11, 2013

Steals and Deals of the Week - Bottoms

Liz Claiborne Satin Jacquard Ankle Pants - $9.99 JC Penney ($5 if you can find them in the store!)

Classic Skinny Jeans with stretch in Indigo - $7.80 Forever 21 ($14.80 for Plus Sizes!)
Superstretch Treggings with mock pockets and fly - $17.96

ASOS Curve leggings with biker detail - $21.10


Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm back in time for Summer!

Hi fashionista's, I hope you've missed me, I've been a little busy however Summer is here, and Chic prevails!  I've noticed lately, the heat has been turned up with the color blocking trend.  Not to mention shoes and accessories.  A seasonal shift to red hots, green envy, orange crush, nautical blues, and pretty pinks all mixed for high impact. 

Let's take a look:





Sonys's new purse....a birthday gift!

Sonya's hot shoes...high impact hue!


My sister's shoes, I picked them out for her @ Regeneration - Royal Oak 

 All of these shoes have a no holds barred approach!  Pair a sold color with them and your adventure begins.  For the classicist approach....try a black or white top with the color blocked skirt. Trust me you will stand out! 

One thing is for sure....Sonya is not afraid to advance color to mainstream!

Pretty in vintage, dress - Rachel's Place - Detroit

I love it! - D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chic and Easy: Sonya's style!

Welcome Back!  I've been a little busy with other projects, but after viewing some of my favorite blogs, I got lonesome for my own.

I happen to notice my daughter lately, after her workday is done....honestly some of  her wardrobe choices have been really chic.  She claims they have been old items, mixed with a few budget collectibles, and  of course things borrowed from my closet....I love it!

My Baby Girl!

Sometimes watching her is like looking at a style catalog....and an extension of me!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chic, Cool and Different!

Isaac Mizrahi - Saks fifth Avenue ( a few years ago) perfect for Spring/Summer 
While attempting to organize my closet, I came across a few items that I haven't worn lately or let's say a year or more!  After looking at some of these things, I had a flashback as to why I bought them, and how cool and different they were.  This really could be the concept of shopping in your closet.

Shopping for new trends are always promoted as an avenue to change or update your look, however playing with your very own fashion possessions may save you money ....and merge the old with the new.  There have been many shopping trips where I've bought something that caught my eye, but it wasn't necessarily a big fashion craze, then's on fire!

I'll share a few things I bought in the past, that are still chic, cool and perhaps different!

This necklace is very cool - Silver & Mauve ( It ties in the back) Ann Taylor  Loft
Barry Kieselstein-Cord Handbag in box calf Leather
Abstract brown & orange Italian leather bag - Loehmann's 
Evening tank made of silver squares - Arden B, Somerset Collection
Carlos Fachi - Loehmann's
Earrings from Rachel Roy
Gold Necklace from Jacobson's purchased years ago - Very Modern
Cool Straw Fedora - Macy's
Necklace made of  Lucite - H&M Chicago 2009 - Very Edgy
Bold gold link necklace - H & M
Long black skirt see bottom
Black Lace Border under the skirt - Rachel's Place
Long embellished black beaded necklace - Chicos
Black  & white hounds tooth  fabric (Boucle') Pump - Purchase  a few years ago  @ Von Maur 

I love this striped muffler - Nordstrom Rack from men's dept.  - Ben Sherman
These are my oxfords, not my husband's! Prada (I wear them with  my long skirts)
I can pretend that I just bought them!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crayon Mood: Accessories!

The colorful mood continues, however accessories are the focus.  Vibrant jewelry, embellished handbags, Skittle colored gloves, scarfs, shades, and noticeable shoes, quite anecdotal for winter blues.  Of course, I have a fondness for simple chic clothes, however colorful accessories can promote incredible style, and allow a little creativity to flourish.  A good idea would be to have fun with a little may be the punch for a knock out look!

My colorful accessories:

Lady like and oh so chic!  Definitely cool with a black coat!
Green unexpected!
Colorful Fedora....old school glam
Beautiful Bracelets - All Xmas gifts (From my sis, daughter and daughter in-law)
Indian Inspiration in Turquoise ( My grandson chose these for me!)
Unique Earrings -  Kenneth Jay Lane (R)  Swarovski Crystals (L)  (Both, gift from daughter),  Beautiful green necklace,   gift from my niece - From her very own boutique collection  "Classy Trenz"

Very eye catching!
Color blocked shoes! (My daughter gave these to me!)
Vintage piece purchased from Jacobson's! Beautifully colored stones!
Blue & Gold Brooch ....a touch of elegance!( gift from my sister)
Motif & color crazed scarfs
A crayon box is not complete without red!
Is it really winter?....I can't tell!