Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Essentials: Finding a Look!

Following my Mom's influence, I learned long ago that there are key pieces to a great wardrobe.  However, hunting for a few new pieces are always fun.  Trends often sway you down one path or another, nevertheless the new season appears to go in many directions, which is good!  There are no absolute dictates....just eye catching clothes with timeless appeal.

New life has been added to classics and the result is high chic simplicity.  In the recent article "Smart Shopping" from Harper's Barzaar (Sept. 2011 issue), designer Tom Ford was quoted as saying that after talking to real women....his response was to introduce more basics. I know many of us can't afford designer duds, however there are some great looking clothes that have designer influence without the hefty price tag.   One of my tips would be to purchase a designer item, followed by shopping in your closet or purchasing a few modestly priced pieces for a very chic look!

After reading the mags and visiting the stores, I'll continue to update you on chicest looks for Fall, take a look:

Polka Dots - This dress makes a striking statement and has a new slightly longer length! - Kate Spade

Mad Man look - Very chic and lady like!  

Knit jacket and Classic cigarette pant - I love this!- Kate Spade

Classic Wrap Dress from Diane von Furstenberg  -  70's signatured influence!

Anything Red this season will be hot!  This bag accessory will get you started! - Banana Republic

    I love clothes that make a statement, without trying too hard.  It's called effortless chic!
However most style enthusiast would agree that above all, find a look that's you.... and one that flatters!

Clothes courtesy of Nordstrom,  Handbag courtesy of Banana Republic

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Window Shopping

It's great to get out and browse!  I hung out recently at the mall, and visited a few of my favorite stores, making a few notes along the way.  Of course the new season is always exciting, the mall air seems to hum with the best of newly stocked items.  Every store seems to show a mannequin or a body form that represents what to buy or how to wear it.

In the fashion world, September is considered the beginning of the year, so prepare yourself for lots of new fashionable yet modern silhouettes. I spotted some really cool sportswear pieces while visiting Nordstrom.  I have a fondness for clothes that reflect a more classic sensibility without running the risk of being dreary or non-inspirational   Some even looked familiar, however with enough newness to provide an element of surprise.

I suggest you go browse!  Then you can separate your likes from the dislikes....and most of all, the must haves!

Interesting fashion candy:
 I really love this color blocked dress! - St. John, the other Items are also hot classics for fall.  The quilted handbag is  simply gorgeous !

A closer look ! Kate Spade Handbag

Coat - St. John, Beautiful Necklace - Kate Spade Jewelry

One of my favorite Designers - The cold shoulder is a very signatured look from Donna Karan

She is cool, modern and very New York!

My eyes bought this immediately!

The pencil skirt is awesome!
Necklace - Cara Couture, a real showstopper!
Always invest in a great white shirt!- Piazza Sempione

New looks, instant style....I'll keep you posted!

(Items courtesy of Nordstom)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Outfit of the Day - Black and Yellow

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar September 2011 (US Issue)

Pop songs aside, black and yellow are a great combination.  Last year I was really into yellow and grey, which I still adore, but black accessories always work and can be a little easier to pull together.

Last month I scored this beautiful vintage yellow dress from an estate sale.  I decided to wear it on an evening dinner cruise:

Pardon the blurry pics!

The high collar of this dress doesn't lend itself well for big statement jewelry, so I kept it simple with pearls.  Originally, I was thinking of pairing this dress with navy blue accessories, but black just felt a little more appropriate for the evening.  A structured handbag, pearl/crystal/chain bracelet, and black pumps with subtle sparkly stones complete this look.

Dress: Vintage David Warren / Flower  Pin: Forever 21 / Handbag: Thrifted / Pumps:  Marshall Field's (Macy's) / Bracelet: Nordstrom's Rack

As the seasons transition, you don't have to retire your bright colors!  Consider black or brown accessories to give your outfit a chic and cohesive look.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Drives Ms. Daisy

Wearing a hounds tooth jacket and Chanel jewelry
Anyone who knows Ms. Daisy (my Mom), knows that she is a fabulously stylish lady.  She holds true the fashion quote from Yves St. Laurent, "Fashion Fades, Style Is Eternal."  It doesn't seem to matter to her if a garment is new or old....it's rather "How does it make me look?" and "Can I make it work?"

Not only does she have a good eye for style, she's also very creative.  She will change the look of anything if the mood hits her!  She has told me many times that in her youth, she rarely wore anything new without making minor changes to suit her personal style.  I believe this to be true, simply because she hasn't changed!  She also uses her sewing skills to make decorative changes in her home.

I've learned over the years to follow her lead and envision the possibilities before saying "That can't work!"

Creativity at work:

She purchased this black jumpsuit from Rachel's Place. The sleeves are lace crochet. 
Bottom of the Jumpsuit.  Retro and very cute on her!  HOWEVER....
She cut the jumpsuit in half and created a fold on the bottom of the top
She altered the bottom half of jumpsuit by adding elastic at the waist for a perfect fit.  She also tapered the legs.
She loves animal prints, so she decided to make her own valance to decorate her vertical blinds (These are hand stitched.)

She also made a throw pillow!

Of course there was an extra yard of fabric left, so Mom did her thing  in her bathroom  - Tissue Box - Shaped like a miniature sofa

Her Make-up organizer
She wrapped these abstract soap dishes in white cloth
 Duchess Daisy
We love her!

Dazzling Cuffs

Distinctive Designed Gold  Cuffs - Banana Republic

Itching to make a fashion statement?  Wear a dazzling cuff bracelet!  Students of the "School of Chic" have probably seen pictures of Coco Chanel in her "Verdura Cuff" or Diana Vreeland wearing a cuff bracelet on each wrist.

These eye catching bracelets with notable museum art-worthy appeal are popular this season.  Some are classically created in ornate gold and silver, but many have been combined with special touches of leather and colorful stones.  Many of the shapes and styles are very different, however all are collectively modern.

A few pieces from my jewelry box:

 Modern sculptured silver cuff - J.C. Penney's

Abstract Art - Macy's Somerset Collection
 Hammered Pewter Metal with leather and Faux Bullets -Very Rock & Roll! - Macy's  Somerset Collection
Silver and large stones add drama  to this cuff - Forever 21
Sculptured Gold Cuff - Robert Lee Morris from Neiman Marcus
Matte gold cuff - Donna Karan Jewelry from Neiman Marcus 
Scalloped Gold Cuff - Banana Republic
 This season, there are many great jewelry pieces to choose from....grab a bold cuff and show it off!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trendspotting - Patterned Tights

Anna Sui F/W 2011

It has been recently stated that minimalism is out and what better way to embellish an outfit than with patterned tights?

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's

 Marc Jacobs RTW F/W 2011
It's never too early to think about the approaching seasons and soon autumn will be bring sweater weather and cool evenings. Here are a few items I've been eyeing to turn up the chic factor this fall:

What statement items will you be wearing this fall?

- S.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stepping Out

Every now in then you have to step back and take notice to your grown children, and notice how they have evolved.  I'm specifically speaking of personal style!  My daughter and daughter In-Law have developed a true sense of chic and sophistication which I find very admirable. They don't follow trends unless it suits them....which can be a an alternative to looking like a cookie cutter mannequin.  They have learned how to mix the inexpensive with the luxe, and how to study their silhouette and learn what works and what doesn't. They both have a keen sense of style and truly love fashion....which is a prelude to creating a fabulous look!

Every fashionista should have their personal point of view, and chic is truly ageless.  However I do enjoy listening to the younger set offer trend translations, share ideas, and most of all creating cool looks from mixing classic, edgy, and vintage!

Here's a few pics of the girls stepping out:

My Daughter ready for a concert, wearing a jacket from Via Spiga,, dress - Saks off Fifth, Leggings - Macy's  

The dress and the jacket has an edgy patent leather detail , Obi-sash belt was added - Express

Suede shoes - Steve Madden
Beautiful print vintage dress - Sunshine Thrift, Leather clutch - Rachel's Place, Cameo Pin -estate sale, Pearl jewelry - Macy's ( Dress is pleated from the waist) 
My Daughter-Law wearing Trench Coat - H&M, Black & Beige Tunic - INC Macy's, Designer Tights purchased in Toronto, Shoes - Nine West, Handbag - Michael Kors

We attended the "Somerset Collection City Loft" event hosted recently in Downtown Detroit!
This picture and many more from this wonderful event can be seen on www.dbusiness.com  

Just me hanging out with the girls!

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's about Time!

A watch is a necessity for most of us, but it shouldn't be boring.  There are so many different styles to choose from, serving double duty....keeping time, and as a fashion accessory.

There are also many beautiful expensive watches, if you want to go that route, but since I like so many different styles....moderate prices are on my radar!  Wearing different trends are fun, but classic watches with timeless appeal are usually my favorite.

The main objective is to "tell the time", after that ....beauty and style prevails.

Take a look at these:

Ms. Daisy's Black Patent & Rhinestones - Loehmann's

Assortment of Silver Fashion watches, Right Hand - Chico's, Left Hand, Link Bracelet - Loehmann's, White with stones - Nordstrom, Somerset Collection

Orange & Blue Watch - Nordstrom Rack, Orange & Brown- Anne Klein

Gold watch - Figaro Couture, Black & White - Anne Klein

Classic Chain Watch - Anne Klein

My sister's very pretty evening rhinestone watches - Macy's
Bracelet watches - Parisian, Shops at Rochester

They Open!

I borrowed this from my sis, I love this classic chic watch !


Seiko watch, Deborah's Xmas gift from Son  (My Favorite watch)
Swiss Army watch

Gold Watches, (Bottom to Top) Bob Mackie, Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg, and  Vernier
Black strap watches (Left to Right) Citizen , DKNY, and Brighton
For Christmas I'll entertain the thought of a Michelle, Cartier, or Patek Philippe watch, but until then I'm barefoot....and taking time out!