Saturday, May 28, 2011

Classic Chanel

One of the most celebrated names of the early twentieth century was Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel.  Famously known for creating a style that embodied chic and modernity.  She gave women a new insight to dressing, simply by liberating them from restrictive and corset fashion.  Her sporty jersey fabrics, little black dress, short skirts, Chanel suit, signature cardigan, and costume jewelry were revolutionary to "couture" during the 1920's.  Coco Chanel also made history by being the first designer to launch a perfume in her name (Chanel No. 5).

Ironically her fashion house has stood the test of time.  Chanel is currently under the direction of Designer Karl Lagerfield, a post he has held since 1983.  He has continued to create beautifully designed chic, modern, and cutting edge collections.  The style and inspiration introduced and created by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel years ago is proof of her timeless appeal.

If I had the choice of wearing a brand new trend-setting item, or vintage Chanel .... I think you know my pick!

My Daughter wearing Chanel:

Sonya wearing earrings & gold necklace - Chanel, Pearls - Carol Lee,  Jacket - Henri Bendel, Hat - Rachel's Place
Chanel Polish & Lipstick
Chanel Shoes
So Elegant!
Mix designer items with other pieces, lace T-Shirt - JC Penney's
Cashmere Sweater - Chanel, Black Cami  - Macy's
Very Cool Details
Deborah wearing black cashmere sweater - Hudson's, Camellia Flower attached to Pearls - Chanel, Skirt - Chanel, Gold earrings - vintage, Bracelets - Banana Republic & Arden B. (Somerset Collection), Hat - Claires (Shops @ Rochester)

Black pleated skirt with black & gold buttons - Chanel

The Chanel Camellia flower attached to pearls - So lady-like!
Classic Inspiration!

 Gold flats - Chanel, necklaces - Fendi & St. John, Gold cuffs - Banana Republic, sweater - T J. Maxx, Skirt -Loehmann's   Black felt hat - Gift from a dear friend, Brooch - Vintage
Red cashmere cardigan - Chanel, Black skirt - Lagerfield , Gold evening shoe Nine West, Jewelry - Carol Lee & Chicos

My Mother ( Ms. Daisy) wearing beautiful Chanel earrings & matching necklace, Hounds Tooth Jacket - Lord & Taylor

A gift from us!

My Mom captures the essence of true style & beauty!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Bag Lady

Vintage Handbags are true objects of affection.  I simply love them!  Collecting them generates excitement and adding one to your outfit can stir up conversation.  They can be found in vintage boutiques, flea market thrifts, or handed down from a stylish grandmother who may have referred to them as "pocketbooks" or "purses."

Vintage for a true collector can be fascinating simply because one might enjoy imagining the story behind the bag  That's what makes it so unique and special!

Vintage handbags from our closet:

Deborah's - Black Satin Evening Bag, 1950's Original Nettie Rosenstein, Bergdorf Goodman
Deborah's -White Mesh, Vintage Whiting and Davis Bag
Deborah's - Vintage Gold Beaded Evening Bag, 1970's, Jacobson's Grosse Pointe, Garage Sale

Deborah's - Black suede with gold chain,  Ferragamo Bag, Neiman Marcus 
Deborah's - Gift from Sonya (Daughter) Cigar Box  Bag, 1921 Flapper
Deborah's - Camel Leather and Brown Satin Bag, Adolfo, 1980's, Inspired by Hermes Bolide Bag  

Sonya's - 1960's Red Leather with Gold, Rachel's Place

Front, very beautiful !
Deborah's -  Cognac Vintage Croc Leather Bag, Italian Hand made,  Treasure Trunk , Birmingham  Mi.

Back - Beautifully made croc  handbag

Deborah's - Black animal print bag, Vintage Kate Spade
Red lining, Very pretty
Sonya's - 1960's  Brown Snake Skin, Rachel Place

We're always looking for More!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Beauty of the Brooch

One of the classiest accessories worn on an outfit can be a brooch.  It can be a sentimental motif, quirky, cool, modern, insect, or floral depending on your taste.  Some may regard them with the ladies who lunch, or the country club set, but I think they're for anyone who'd like to add a little pizazz.

Brooches can also have functional value such as holding a garment together, otherwise an elegant substitute for a button or a pin.  According to Wikipedia, the brooch (archaically called a fibula) is a decorative piece of jewelry designed to be attached to garments. (See: Brooch)
Jewelry designers often add chains which can allow you to wear them as a necklace.

Beautiful Brooches Collected:

Top left, J.C. Penney's, Right, Gift from Daughter-In Law, Banana Republic
Bottom, Estate Sales
Black and Chrystal, White House Black Market
Blue Chrystal, Council Thrift Shop (Royal Oak)

Blue Chrystal and Red Brooch - Miriam Haskell- Saks Fifth Avenue, Gold /colored Stones, Jacobson's  Birmingham

Top left, Gold Leaf, Rachel's Place, Gold Starfish, My Sister's Place, all other items, Estate Sales
Gift from Daughter, Beautiful example of Gold Brooch with Necklace attached, Designed by Judith Leiber, Rachel's Place 
Beautiful Gold Brooch (Detached)
Oh.... So Lady-Like and Elegant!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting "The Look" for Less

If you're like me, you've often experienced the exhilaration of seeing some absolutely amazing piece of clothing, jewelry or accessory only to have your hopes of owning it crushed once you've peeped the price tag.  Nowadays there's no need to curse your meager funds because there is almost always a cheaper way to create the look for less money.

The season's most popular trends are often copied at various price points because the fashion industry realizes that while many of us would like to own the latest styles, not all of us can afford to spend a small fortune on them.

Check out these items and their less expensive alternatives:

The shoes on the left are by Giuseppi Zanotti ($455). The shoes on the right can be purchased at for $60.

I fell in love with these retro looks featured in the September 2010 issue of Vogue:

Want that dainty red leather bow belt?  Well, it's Prada, and it's $355! But you can get the look with these copies for much, much less: ($85) and ($11)

If you are digging the leather harness trend...

Zana Bayne is the "goto" designer for a variety of stylish harnesses and belts. 

A Zana Bayne basic harness such as the one on the left will cost you $100. A similar style like the one on the right can be purchased for $27 at

So you see, there's no need to fret if your budget doesn't allow you to support the current hot designer's ridiculously lavish lifestyle.  With a keen eye and a little patience, you too can rock designer looks for a fraction of the cost.  =)

- S.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thrift Chic

One of the coolest experiences for a true style icon.... is the thrill of the hunt.  Some call it "thrifting", where you visit thrift stores, such as Salvation Army, Sunshine, Jewish Women's Council, etc. and browse until you SCORE!  The art of scoring, simply means you have found at least one.... or if you're lucky, a few fantastic items that will enhance your style.

I love thrifting.  It's the one time when price is not a's usually a steal!  To find designer clothing or very unique pieces is like discovering pirate treasure.

If you love vintage clothing, thrift stores are usually the best place to start.  Just remember to have patience.  Once you find that precious score, you'll be hooked. It can be a shopper's paradise!

My Latest Score:
Gold Necklace, Anne Klein

Vintage Gold Bracelet

Silver/Gold , Day / Evening Bag

Emilio Pucci inspired sunglasses by Dr. Peepers
Italian leather handbag

Genuine leather belt with crystal buckle
Canvas Tote, Henri Bendel New York

White Pearls
Black Wool Sweater, SONYA RYKIEL Paris (Back)

Black Wool Sweater, (bottom front) SONIA RYKIEL Paris
Vintage Faux Leopard and Black Leather Handbag 

Vintage Silk Scarf, Hermes Inspired

Seiko Watch

Larger Image, (Gift to Husband!)

Black Blazer, Designer Comme des Garcons (see next photo)

A beautifully made blazer with Japanese influence, Comme des Garcons headed by Designer Rei Kawakubo 

Ferragamo patent leather pumps

This is my definition of buying the best for less!