Friday, September 23, 2011

Time for a Garage Sale!

We decided to break the usual Saturday routine and host a garage sale   Items were gently used and sensibly priced.....perfect requirements.  We sold clothes, jewelry, shoes, and home accessories.   Some items were so nice, it almost became a "swap meet", between the sellers.

Bottom line, we cleaned out a few closets and had a great time in the process!

Having Fun:

My sis first customer!
My daughter in -law and my sister....They're matching!
Home Accessories!
Children's grand-daughters collection
Her cute clothes sold quickly!
Our Sign!
More Stuff!
My son giving us a break!
This sweater jacket sold right away!
My lovely daughter wearing vintage orange duster and chain belt.  She scored the duster  @ value world, on one of our vintage excursions - Gold belt, Anne Klein - I love this color mix!
Hopefully, we can do this again before cold weather arrives.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Look of the day: Late Summer Casual!

The weather surprised me today!  Even though the calendar still reflects Summer, the air was definitely Fall.  I certainly didn't expect the cool breeze so early!   I guess it's a good time to start layering....and keep warm!

Khaki coat - Gap, Scarf - Echo, 
Denim jacket with sequin border - Loehmann's 
Orange Faux leather & Gold Bangles -  H & M,  Polka Dots are on Trend for Fall
Orange Canvas Bag - Lancome, Footless Chevron Hosiery - H & M
Stripe top - American Living J.C Penney's, Black  Skirt - Theory, Saks Fifth Avenue
Hopefully we'll get our Indian Summer!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Look of Luxury

Classic Camel Coat, great accessories - Courtesy of Macy's

Fall brings about the most eye gazing looks, unfortunately our wallets may be slightly overwhelmed.  I'm speaking specifically of high end designer clothes!  They are beautifully made, the fabrics reflect quality, and the style longevity is usually a key advantage....which makes them hard to resist.  So I would say, if one piece is an object of desire....go for it!

Remember, a fabulous designer garment can be paired with less pricey items without sacrificing a totally chic look.  However I might suggest you start with something classic or understated. You will not only look great, you'll feel like a million me!

I took some pics of some great clothes while visiting or two of these pieces would give you lots of style mileage!

Pi cs:
The hat works!  Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Anything black from this label will be great!  Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Quiet Glamour - neutral greys and taupes - Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Fabrics are very nice - Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Understated chic -  Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

White shirt and black cashmere always a winner - Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

A beautiful Gucci Boot ....the style maven's foot candy!
Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue
Chic and Sharp! I love it!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld arrives at Macy's!

Slouchy Tee with the image of Karl Lagerfeld - These will probably blow out the door!

The anticipated wait is over. Karl Lagerfeld's limited edition collection is now available at Macy's.  The creative genius who designs for Chanel, Fendi, and the label that carries his name has offered us an opportunity to sample his extraordinary vision.  This collection has a very affordable price tag.... Hooray for Macy's!

My first reaction of course was visual. Some of the designs were definitely cool.  Next, I took a great deal of time examining and touching the fabrics....very nice.  There were also a variety of sizes, but give it a day or two, I'm sure that will change!

Yes, I know it's not couture, but if I can shop from a capsule collection that has been created and designed by Karl Lagerfield, for a $170.00 or less....I'm in!

View a few pieces:

Fabrics were very mixed - Faux leather and plenty of tweeds
Very sophisticated dress! Modern black and pink color block
Faux patent crock vested dress - Wow!
Glam black dress with white collar - Um, very Chanel like!
Classic tweed - Old school glamour !

Very chic and flirty turtleneck dress
Short jacket with grey hues
Black leather gloves are a must have!
Graphic black and white knit - I love this!

Karl Lagerfield's image on a black tee

The collection consist of 45 pieces - Tweeds, faux leathers, florals, shorts, jackets, tops, and dresses.
Visit Macy's and see for yourself.... tell me what you think!

All pictures courtesy of Macy's